"Rewriting the rules of radio with Serendipity Transmits - where music knows no boundaries. Brace yourself for a journey of musical discovery!"”

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Serendipity Transmits is a sonic oasis that meticulously curates a mesmerizing tapestry of auditory encounters, effortlessly transporting you to the very fringes of the musical landscape. Our ethereal sanctuary stands as a haven, graciously offering respite from the cacophony that saturates mainstream culture. Our airwaves pulsate with an extraordinary array of subterranean dance melodies, transcending geographical boundaries to encompass House, Techno Soul, and an eclectic fusion of dance genres, all ingeniously designed to elevate your auditory odyssey to uncharted altitudes. 

We wholeheartedly embrace the metamorphic potency of music, fervently committed to disseminating the vanguard soundscape directly to your eager ears. Operating ceaselessly, our station remains perpetually attuned, providing an unobstructed passage into our meticulously curated repertoire at any given hour. Anticipate the unexpected as we gallantly traverse the terrain of musical expression, unearthing hidden treasures while seamlessly introducing you to budding virtuosos alongside esteemed pioneers of the clandestine dance music sphere. 

Unrestrained by the confines of a mere internet radio station, we transcend such pedestrian categorizations, serving as an idyllic haven for those fervently seeking a transcendental auditory voyage. Should you yearn for a harmonious rejuvenation, an effervescent revitalization

- and, as always, expect a few surprises along the way.      


                                            guests  include                                                 

Leo Electroid,

Farrah Scott, Colin Dale, Sherrine Leigh,

Derrick Patterson, Thomas Barnett (Detroit), Jon Dixon (Detroit), Alex Knight, Will Buckley, Sir Lord Comixx

Julian Garnett, Neil Martin, Mr Shiver,

Richard Denahy, Si Brown, Steve Blake Allman, Junior Richards,

 Marco Arnaldi, DJ Amazon, Nick The Record.

 Jeran Portis (Motech Detroit),  Mr Vorn


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