"Rewriting the rules of radio with Serendipity Transmits - where music knows no boundaries. Brace yourself for a journey of musical discovery!"”

Serendipity Transmits is an aural oasis where we curate a stream of sonorous experiences that transport you to the frontier of the musical landscape. Our station is a sonic refuge, offering a respite from the cacophony of mainstream culture. We broadcast a selection of underground dance music that spans the globe, including House, Techno Soul, and other dance genres, all with the goal of elevating your listening experience to new heights. 

We believe in the transformative power of music, and we're on a mission to share the most forward-thinking sounds with you. Our station operates 24/7, meaning you can tune in and lose yourself in our curated selection at any time of day. Expect the unexpected as we traverse the musical terrain, unearthing hidden gems and introducing you to emerging artists alongside established veterans of the underground dance music scene. 


We're not just an internet radio station - we're a destination for those who seek a cutting-edge musical journey. If you're looking for a musical refresh, a revitalisation of your sonic palette, then Serendipity Transmits is the station for you. Join us as we push forward-thinking music from the past to the present and beyond - and, as always, expect a few surprises along the way.


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