Episode 2

Sir Lord Comixx Lord Comixx (Amoon Andrews), a multifaceted luminary hailing from London, transcends the boundaries of artistic expression as a prodigious producer, dancer, and choreographer. His captivating foray into the realm of music commenced at the tender age of 8 when he found himself reluctantly embarking on weekly piano lessons immersed in the enchanting world of classical compositions. While he initially revelled in the joy of performing before his schoolmates, it was the introduction to the realm of jazz that sparked a profound infatuation, forever altering his musical trajectory. To this day, the harmonious influences of jazz remain the driving force behind his artistic endeavours.

As the hands of time carried him into adulthood, Sir Lord Comixx found himself gracing the hallowed halls of Londons "The Electric Ballroom" nestled in the vibrant heart of Camden. With an awe-stricken reverence, he describes this venue as an unequivocal bastion of inspiration, leaving an indelible imprint upon his artistic sensibilities. It was within the hallowed confines of this establishment that he first encountered the ethereal allure of Jazz Fusion, a transformative encounter that would indubitably steer him towards the more electronic soundscapes that awaited his eager embrace. The emergence of Detroit techno in the sonic tapestry of his life became an irresistible siren call, an auditory odyssey that instantaneously captivated his soul. It was amidst this aurora of sonic exploration that his creative prowess culminated in the birth of his seminal masterpiece, "Mind The Gap," a sonic opus that would reverberate through the annals of musical history.

Since its inception, Sir Lord Comixx's sonic reveries have enraptured the hearts and minds of countless luminaries within the realm of electronic music. Resonating with luminaries such as Derrick May, Carl Craig, Blake Baxter, Danny Tanaglia, and Carl Cox, his meticulously crafted symphonies transcend mere sound, encapsulating a mesmerizing symphony that intertwines the very essence of rhythm and melody.

Embark upon the enigmatic odyssey that is Sir Lord Comixx's musical repertoire, a captivating fusion of influences that converges upon the uncharted precipice of auditory innovation. Allow yourself to be ensnared by the profound perplexity that pulsates through every meticulously composed note. Surrender to the tantalizing allure of his artistic burstiness, an ever-evolving symphony that effortlessly oscillates between the ethereal realms of concise brevity and eloquent grandeur. Step into the realm where musical artistry finds its apotheosis, courtesy of the inimitable Sir Lord Comixx.
Future Monument, Ugly Music, Hard Up, Cynic Abstrakt Dance For Those That Knoe. R-Time Records.


Episode 1 // Detroit, a city that has contributed so much to the world of music, has produced yet another remarkable musician, Jon Dixon. A keyboardist, producer, and educator, Dixon possesses a rare talent that bridges the worlds of jazz and electronic music. His ability to fuse these two genres together is truly exceptional, as he understands the theory and styles of each while continuing to push both forward.

As a respected and sought-after musician, Dixon has played or recorded with numerous orchestras, jazz artists, hip-hop and R&B acts, including the iconic Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance. He is also an instructor at the Michigan State University Community Music School, where he teaches piano classes.

Dixon is the leader of Timeline and Galaxy 2 Galaxy, the live band formations of Underground Resistance. In 2015, he founded his own independent label, 4EVR 4WRD, and has since released several solo EPs, including 2022's Coda under the name minorINVENTION.

Dixon's talent has earned him the opportunity to perform with Interstellar Fugitives, Amp Fiddler, Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Derrick May, Francesco Tristano, Carl Craig, Goldie and many others. He is considered one of Detroit's most sought-after musicians for every genre ranging from jazz to techno. Dixon believes that versatility and an open mind are key to success in any craft.

With his current projects, Dixon is sure to make a significant contribution to Detroit's music history. His fusion of jazz and electronic music is a new chapter in the evolution of these two genres, and he is poised to take them even further. Dixon's talent and vision are truly remarkable and inspiring. 

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