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 Fuse together Detroit Jazz Master Marcus Belgrave & Techno Pioneer Mike Banks and you get a musician who understands the theory and styles of each while continuing to push both genres forever forward. 

Detroit-based musician, producer, bandleader, and educator Jon Dixon provides a direct link between the city's innovations in jazz and electronic music. A respected and sought-after keyboardist, performer, and session musician, he has played or recorded with numerous orchestras and jazz artists as well as hip-hop and R&B acts. He is an instructor at the Michigan State University Community Music School, where he teaches piano classes. He is also the leader of Timeline and Galaxy 2 Galaxy, the live band formations of the iconic Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance. He founded the independent label 4EVR 4WRD in 2015, and has since issued several solo EPs, including releases under the name minorINVENTION, like 2022's Coda. 
Jon has had the opportunity to not only lead the Underground Resistance live acts Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Timeline, but he has also performed with Interstellar Fugitives, Amp Fiddler, Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Derrick May, Francesco Tristano, Carl Craig, Goldie and more. Dixon is one of the city's most sought-after musicians for every genre ranging from jazz to techno. He believes that the more versatile and open minded you are at your craft, the further it will take you. Jon is currently working on multiple projects that are sure to be the beginnings of a new approach and chapter in Detroit's music history. 

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