Who are Carl Grant and Tony Gallagher? 
Answer: Carl Grant and Tony Gallagher are friends who formed L.A. Synthesis in 1991. They started on the outskirts of the underground party scene in South East London and have since gained popularity for their hypnotic music and Detroit romanticism. Carl now continues his passion for music by writing and producing music and hosting a monthly radio show​. 


What is Serendipity Transmits? 
Answer: Serendipity Transmits is an internet radio station co-founded by Carl Grant. The station operates 24/7, broadcasting a selection of underground dance music that spans the globe, including House, Techno Soul, and other dance genres. The goal is to elevate the listeners' experience to new heights and introduce them to emerging artists alongside established veterans of the underground dance music scene​2​. 


How can I listen to Serendipity Transmits? 
Answer: You can tune into Serendipity Transmits at any time of day as the station operates 24/7. The music spans across various dance genres and is curated to provide a unique, forward-thinking musical journey. 


What type of music does L.A. Synthesis produce? 
Answer: L.A. Synthesis produces music that spans across various genres. Their music has been recognized for its hypnotic hook lines and Detroit romanticism, resonating with club-goers in London, Detroit, and beyond. They also showcase an eclectic mix of genres such as afro, soul, boogie, movie soundtracks, and experimental US deep house/techno on their radio show​s. 


Can I book L.A. Synthesis for my event? 
Answer: Yes, you can book L.A. Synthesis for your event. They cater to all types of functions, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, providing a memorable experience with their expertise and passion for music​. 


How can I contact L.A. Synthesis for a booking? 
Answer: You can get in touch with L.A. Synthesis through the 'Contact' section on the website for a personalized quote for your event​. 


How can I book Carl Grant and the Barefoot Dj for an event? 
Answer: You can get in touch with us for personalized quotes for live or DJ bookings that will guarantee an unforgettable experience for your event​. 


Where can I listen to Serendipity Transmits Podcasts? 
Answer: You can find Serendipity Transmits Podcasts on our website. We feature different artists, like Jon Dixon, a remarkable musician from Detroit who bridges the worlds of jazz and electronic music​. . More podcasts can be accessed through the 'Podcasts' section of your website​


How can I listen to Serendipity Transmits on my mobile device? 
Answer: We recommend using for mobile listeners. We offer an alternative 24/7 player, an alternative live player, and sections for promos/new releases and unreleased essentials as well as archived live shows​​. You can also listen on a mobile devive via the streema, simple player app.


What are the archived live shows? How can I listen to the archived live shows? Who are the artists featured in the live shows?


Answer:The archived live shows are recordings of past live DJ performances featured on Serendipity Transmits.


How often are new shows added to the archive?


Answer:As of when live shows are recorded.


Can I download the archived live shows?


Answer;The live shows are not downloadable, however they are available to listen to on  the website Mixcloud.This may be subject to change if demand grows.


YouTube Channel What kind of content can I find on your YouTube channel?


 Answer:New releases and productions, a favourite channel with all are favourite Youtube videos, as well as past shows, archived music productions and podcasts.


How can I subscribe to your YouTube channel?


Answer:By simply going to the Youtube channel and hitting the subscribe button, dont forget to like and comment on the videos.


How often do you post new content on the YouTube channel?


Answer:As of when we produce new content.


Is there exclusive content on your YouTube channel that's not available on the website?




Can I request specific content or artists to be featured on the YouTube channel?


Answer: Yes, Of course, we  always welcome listener participation and requests.


Press and Media What kind of media and press coverage does Serendipity Transmits have?


 Answer:The website lists blogs such as "The Sound Sphere" and "Unveiling the Rhythmic Tapestry: A Journey Through Europe's Eclectic Dance Music Culture, passed and recent articles a recommended reading section and a stunning gallery.


How can I access articles or interviews from Serendipity Transmits?


Answer:By merely clicking on the articles and reading.


Can I contribute an article or piece of media to your website?


Answer:Yes we are open to our listeners members and fans contributions.


How do you choose which articles or media pieces to feature on the website?


Answer We will read all articles or media pieces and if it fits into what we are about we will post it.


Are there any upcoming media appearances or articles that we should look out for?


Answer: Yes.Feel free to check the monthly blogs In the media section of the website.






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